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Adventure Travel (I).

By Doug Sassaman
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"So you've always wanted to bungy jump off the Kawarau suspension bridge in New Zealand, kayak down the Royal Gorge in Colorado, or bike nude across the USA. Well what if I told you there is a way to capture those same adrenaline thumping sensations without actually having to go through the expense of traveling to New Zealand, or the agony of applying a salve to the blisters on your plush bottom? Prepare to stand in awe my friends, because I have found a way to enjoy the essence of adventure travel within only a two-hour drive of your own home.

Whether you live in Pitipski, Iowa or El Nappo, Mexico, adventure travel lurks. Unfortunately, like most great deals, there is a small snag in the must have kid(s), the more in number and younger in age, the more adventurous your travel. Here's the secret I unlocked. Throw the kids in the car, drive to your local slagheap, and enjoy. En route you'll experience the thrill of plunging fifty meters, the icy splash of class V rapids, and the pain of torturous third degree burns on your bits and pieces."

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