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How to Educate Natural Leaders (X).

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"It is possible that an informal leader becomes with time a formal one, and vice versa. If a formal leader becomes charismatic, then he or she will tend to become informal, and if an informal one begins to settle down among the establishment, then he or she will become more formal.

Those entrepreneurs that start with nothing and later create empires, such as Bill Gates or Henry Ford, belong to the group of informal leaders who later become formal by means of an integral transformation.

Some political leaders of relative significance, when they finally get the chance to exploit particular circumstances, usually transform themselves in quite charismatic leaders. General Peron is an example of a man that initially grew within a formal institution to later transform himself in an iconic charismatic leader.
Slobodan Milosevic is an example of a man of a past low relevance in political terms who, after 1987 began exploiting Serbian nationalism to construct his own sphere of power. He then realised the power of such forces during a visit to Kosovo, and quickly seized the opportunity."

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