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Emergencies during wilderness trips (V).

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"If you are the recognised leader of a group, or if during an actual emergency you begin to act like one, whatever happens, you will be considered as the Prima Facie responsible person.

This does not mean that you will be tacitly be considered as guilty of some legal violation, but it does mean that you will be held accountable for what happens, and that you will have to explain the facts to the competent authorities in a different way as compared to your fellow companions.

Thus, it is convenient that the rules of the game are clearly and equally interpreted by all, and if possible, that you, as the person in charge of the group, keep the evidence needed in the future in order to explain the facts to the authorities. For example, if you write a personal diary during your voyage or survival situation and some sort of accident happens, it is advisable that you write down those facts in your diary and after that, make all other members of the group sign the corresponding pages.

A picture of a diary or expedition's log signed by all members of
a group after an important event. These pictures augment the value
as evidence and proof of existence of such documents in any event

In this way, you will protect yourself because for fear on other reasons, someone may change his or her legal statements afterwards in order to leave you with all the weight of responsibility. If a document exists availing your position, then you would face much less trouble in such a case."

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