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Emergencies during wilderness trips (V).

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"On slopes and hills where the road goes up or down, locals tend to create shortcuts which intersect it in a straight fashion, while vehicles must go around in turns.

If a group has a vocal majority of people with scant experience and adopts a deliberative sort of management, in such a road they will take the turns of the vehicles, instead of following the straight trails.

Another sort of problem arises when someone feels or believes that he or she is already fit to command, and pretends to “oust” the really experienced leaders.

This behaviour, based on simple greed and lust for power appears not only during adventure trips. We see it daily at our workplace, when someone tries to saw off the floor under someone else.

The fact is that this attitude appears during times in which it is supposed and assumed that everyone is having a fun time. It is sad that someone just don’t get the idea of holidays, but it is a true occurrence.

Trekkers in a valdivian forest.
An example of a typical trail thorough
a Valdivian forest in northern Patagonia.
Some of thse trees are 3.000 years old.

It is very important that all organisational issues get settled in all groups before travelling because when a problem finally arises, it will be too late to discuss the roles of each one and every one, and indeed, the leader(s) of such groups should be aware that by taking such a position they are assuming some responsibilities, even from a legal standpoint.

This is particularly true if you travel with youngsters and children."

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