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Emergencies during wilderness trips (I).

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"Survival situations and emergencies can happen at any time during an excursion; even during those that take place very near civilised spots.

Near Grindelwald, in Switzerland, around 1934 two german climbers died on the walls of a mountain, with the town on sight. Nobody could, so far, recover their bodies.

Thus, even in places as populated as European countries, accidents and emergencies can happen and consequently, all trekkers, mountaineers and adventurers should acquire some sort of preparation to deal with them, such as by means of survival courses. These might be costly, but they are not a luxury, but an insurance policy in the most literal way.

Indeed, there should be no overdramatisation of this issue. There is no doomsday coming. However, survival is a discipline in its own right, it is useful, and also very interesting. 

In order to start practising survival, you need very few things. In fact, the lesser equipment you sue during your survival practices, classes and sessions, the better, because in this way you will be preparing yourself better to cope and deal with all sorts of emergencies.

You will seldom find ideal circumstances during an emergency, and in most cases, you will have to deal with the situation only with your gear at hand, which is often very scarce. 

A tent near Lake Puelo.
No camper, trekker or adventurer is totally safe from
accidents or problems during any trip or excursion.

Thus, survival imples learning various techniques to deal with your own mind and body, such as finding food and water, avoiding panic, etc. but there is as well a significant component of improvisation and construction techniques to make your own gear, shelters, etc."

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