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Taking Youngsters To Wilderness Trips (IV).

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"Of course, you can take younger people with you, but unless you are a parent, it is not very advisable.

Even if the person in question is your son or daughter, there are applicable limits to what you can do: recently, the Argentine border police disallowed a couple from taking their 4-years old child to the summit of the Mount Aconcagua.

On the other hand, you should not forget to get some kind of insurance for all members of your travel group, including children.
In this regard, be very specific before signing the respective insurance forms and find out how is the insurance applicable in the case of international travel, extreme sports, etc.

A submarine cave exposed during a low tide.
An example of a submarine cave exposed during a low tide in
Peninsula Valdez, near Puerto Piramides and a penguin colony.
Its internal ponds, filled with crabs, mayflowers and fishes are
fascinating, but you must be careful and get out of it on time!

Even if the policy covers some activities, that fact does not necessarily mean that all activities will be covered: when I was 17 I was studying in Germany, and my insurance policy covered mountain climbing. I could hang above 300 metres of rock and I was covered, but when I wanted to learn to fly a sailplane, there was no way to convince the insurance company to cover that activity as well, even thought I would wear a parachute."

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