P. Edronkin

An Introduction To Survivalism (VII).

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"During this dissertation, we have discussed various basic aspects that constitute the full scale of the learn process related to survival.

Manuals, coached practices and real experiences are elements that must be present in order to obtain any form of good instruction in this topic. It is of no use just to learn using only one of those streams of knowledge because good learning means integration.

You canít learn simply by watching a movie, and speaking of Hollywood, it is very important to warn you about the fact that what we can see in a movie is usually untrue in this real.

For example: hunting and climbing actions are greatly exaggerated. Nobody goes climbing where there is a clear and present danger; you just go around the hill and look for a better route. On the same token, hunting an animal is usually a hard thing to do, even with firearms.

Animals are not stupid, and will not let you kill them easily.

Firefights on screen are usually untrue too: albeit our screen gung-ho friends seem to have infinite amounts of ammunition at their disposal, seasoned combatants usually try to save it, not to mention the fact that shooting a barrage of 200 rounds in less than ten seconds does wonders for the destruction of any firearm barrel.

A shelter made with three ponchos in the Pampas near Buenos Aires.
This shelter was constructed near the Areco River near Buenos Aires with
three military ponchos. These were joined together to form what in practical
terms is a Canadian tent. The Algarrobo trees in the foreground provided us with
a sort of "Ersatz" coffe made by grinding their seeds.

Furthermore: no sane soldier or fighter will ever put his or her head out of cover or protect the body with the door of a car.

Even your onscreen cutlery of choice is usually misplaced and exaggerated. Just ask soldiers, bushmen or explorers: the all prefer simpler, lighter and smaller blades than those appearing on TV."

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