P. Edronkin

An Introduction To Survivalism (VI).

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As a complement for theoretical knowledge and practical activities, real-life experience is fundamental.

For example, almost all armies in the world attempt to send at least their commissioned officers into real combat, even as observers. Real combat experience for them is a measure of quality: the Germans during WWII, the Soviets during the conflict in Afghanistan, and even the Argentines during the 1982 war against the UK used to send their graduating cadets right into combat operations as some sort of final test.

The result, in all cases, is that young Lieutenants who will stay commissioned an average of 15 years, will have an understanding of “the real thing” that is impossible to grasp otherwise.

The same applies to survival training: outdoor activities in which you don’t face much danger, as well as real life - threatening experiences serve to accumulate wisdom.

In the case of real emergencies, if survivors are able to criticise their attitudes, the way in which each one reacted when confronted with various risks and issues, etc. is what makes the whole structure of knowledge move forward.

The ruins of Oriolo.
Real-life experiences can be exceedingly good, but a harsh way to learn. Here you
see the ruins of the town of Oriolo, in Italy, as seen by my Grandfather during WWII.

This kind of self-analysis is very important in order to extract knowledge and assimilate experience from what happened. If you are able to rationalise your recent past, even if it was traumatic, you will learn much more than if you just let your memory fade.

Thus, it is very important that institutions which are dedicated to risky operations related to the wilderness or dangerous environments develop institutional means of dealing with the aftermath of such situations."

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