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An Introduction To Survivalism (IV).

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"Guided exercises and practices:

This aspect of the learning process of survival techniques is very important. Without some sort of coaching, two things might happen: you could run into trouble and potential danger for yourself during the learning process, or if you confront a real survival situation you might not be ready for it.

This is the reason why armed forces around the world value practical exercises and rehearsals so much. It is good for an army to make simulations, and to send personnel in peacekeeping missions, in order to gain supervised practice in an environment of a somewhat limited risk before confronting a real, open war.

Any soldier that took part on peacekeeping missions has endured some risks such as landmines, snipers, hostile inhabitants, etc. and has learned something about real-life leadership but in what it has been really an environment not so dangerous as an open confrontation.

Nevertheless, after the experience he or she will have learned to trust instinct, to distrust evident ambushes, booby traps, etc. and perhaps in a cynical but effective way, will have seen the effect of landmines and other devices on humans.

In other words, peacekeeping is, in terms of training, the next thing to a real war.

The Waldorf cabin.
A group of explorers in front of an atypical cabin in Patagonia. Its
style and construction corresponds to a Western USA model,
rather than a typical Argentinean construction. This cabin was
unknown until 1987, but it was constructed at least in 1936 deep into
the Valdivian forest of the Andes. It is more remarkable due to the
fact that Butch Cassidy lived 40 km. away from this place. We named
it "Waldorf", because we were thinking about the salad with the
same name when we found it by chance near Lake puelo.

In a similar way, if you finish a survival course which implies enduring thirst, tiredness, pain, etc. but with a guide or supervisor at the helm of the whole thing, you will have tasted the real thing with lower risks than those found in a real emergency."

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