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An Introduction To Survivalism (III).

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"There are many different kinds of manuals. Some have a broad and general scope on the subject of survival. These could teach you the basic topics and techniques. Many are organised in chapters covering different scenarios or environments, such as the jungle, cold areas, etc.

You should bear in mind that survival techniques are variable on each environment: it is not the same to survive in the jungles of Kenya as in the Patagonian tundra.

Military survival manuals deserve a special mention due to two special characteristics: first, they are among the most complete and perfected books on the subject, for obvious reasons; second, they often make references and describe the usage of gear which is typically found among military personnel but not with the average trekker or adventurer. Nevertheless, such manuals are an excellent reading for general purposes.

Another kind of manuals are those that are highly specialised in terns of the covered topics, environments, etc.

For example, there are survival manuals designed to be used on polar regions, those related to given models of aircraft, etc. Such texts are very useful and highly recommendable for specialisation purposes. 

Lake Los Rizos (Breezes), in Patagonia.
Lake Los Rizos, an uncharted spot in the Patagonian Andes.

If you are interested in learning by means of such material, we recommend you to begin with some general-scope books, such as the U.S. Army Survival Manual, and then, get some highly specialised material in the areas that interest you most."

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