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An Introduction To Survivalism (II).

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"Manuals and books on the subject:

As in the case of any activity or discipline, all bits of knowledge concerning survival have to sides: one is empirical, or experiential, and the other is theoretical. It is difficult if not impossible to learn everything just from experience in a discipline as ample as this one. 

Reading, watching videos and visiting websites such as, which provide written as well as graphical information on the subject, are different ways to learn all the basics

In this way you will get a lot of knowledge that otherwise would entail risking your life needlessly. Besides, trial and error is not exactly an efficient way to learn all things, and indeed, could become quite uncomfortable. Reading a good book on the subject will make your life easier in this regard.

A shelter made of argentine ponchos.
Another view of the same shelter, made out of ponchos in the Andes.

When the time will come for you to find food or water, some common mistakes could cause the loss of valuable time and effort and perhaps, will put your life in danger as well. If you have to choose a path at a bifurcation, and you have no knowledge about backtracking or land navigation techniques, you could take the wrong way and get lost in an unknown territory.

Thus, read."

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