Don Pablo Edronkin

An Introduction To Survivalism (I).

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'We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.'

- Stevie Wonder.

"Survival is a discipline comprised by techniques and knowledge coming from various sources. These pieces of wisdom and experience allow us to save our lives and those belonging to other human beings under stressful or dangerous circumstances. It can also be used to save our properties and belongings.

In broad terms, and perhaps with the exception of some basic principles, Survival is a much too broad term to speak about, because different environmental conditions, different situations, etc. require also various techniques and pieces of knowledge that are quite varied.

For example, those techniques that could be applied for combat survival are quite specialised in most cases, and completely different from those that are practical to survive a car crash.

In the context that normally apply to outdoor activities, Survival could be understood as a collection of knowledge applicable to difficult and varied environments, accidents and occurrences proper of those environments (for example, avalanches, forest fires, etc.). These techniques could also be applied under normal circumstances to make our outdoor lives easier and more comfortable, and to increase the confidence of all participants, especially youngsters.

For example, knowledge of construction techniques could provide us with the basis for constructing stone ovens, shelters to expand our covered ground on camps, etc.

The origins of those techniques are varied and numerous. We can easily say that modern survival techniques are based on ancient knowledge as well as modern experiences during wars, natural disasters, etc.

Learning those techniques is a theoretical matter as it is an experiential issue. This means that there are various ways in which you can start learning survival techniques, but in order to gain an integral knowledge, you will have to use all of them sooner or later. 

A survival shelter in Patagonia.
This shelter allowed seven people to survive a Patagonian blizzard.

These could be resumed into the following main groups:

1)- Manuals and books on the subject.
2)- Guided exercises and practice.

3)- Experience."

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