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Some notes on success (I).

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"The difference between a successful person and others is not
a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a
lack of will." 

-- Vincent T. Lombardi

Success in our plans, whether they might be to become a millionaire or climb Mount Everest comes usually in two ways:

1)- By chance.

2)- By effort.

The first method is at work when we are plainly lucky. The second is the result of a lot of effort.

I have seen both in my life, and I guess that you have too, and on the other side, it is likely that you have already sustained losses in both departments as well.

There is a subtle yet important difference between these two ways to achieve something, and that is what you become in either case, what you get, and what you learn. Learning is the single, most important investment that any person or any nation can do: if a government promises money, houses or a good time, it will produce nothing in the end. Only leaders that build schools will last.

P. Edronkin and G. Sakuda panning for gold in Patagonia.
In this picture you can see a friend of mine - Gustavo Sakuda - and I 
panning for gold on a patagonian stream. Luck? Yes, but also 
preparedness and attention to small things.

When you get something by chance, when you are born with a given condition such as richness, a special talent, etc. if someone does not teach you from the beginning how to appreciate those things, you will never know they real value.

That is a dangerous condition, for the things you should not know much about might get lost easier than those that you appreciate.

Unfortunately, we live now in a world where it seems more important to look like than to really be, so Shakespehare and Hamlet would have harder times now than a couple of centuries ago.

But we humans have a quality: unlike insects, we can change the world, so our current situation with a global war on terror, global economy with cutbacks and rampant unemployment, depletion of resources and such things is really either what we want or what we are ready to accept.

We don't think about these things in such a way frequently, but perhaps it is in order to question what we do, just to see what needs to be changed.

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