P. Edronkin

The True Survival Story Of First Lieutenant A.H. Braun (X).

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"There were, and still are, uncharted valleys, mountains, lakes and water streams in South America. There are places where no human has ever set foot, and so began the Gea.

After the war, my Grandfather never drove a car again in his life, and seldom took a ride on one. He always walked from home to work and back or took a train, and I remember him saying once that he did so because walking saved his life, while vehicles almost took it away from him.

Anthony Hillary Braun died in 1973, at age 69, as a retired and proud First Lieutenant of the Second Polish Division of the British Army.

As he loved to paint, he created more than 640 watercolours and oil paintings in the pauses between battles, and sometimes, when there was no pause at all. Nearly one third of his paintings and drawings are now in my private collection. This is the first time that I show them to the public."

Capri, shortly after WWII. Drawing by A.H. Braun.
Anthony Hillary Braun - Capri, shortly after WWII. Author's collection.

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