Don Pablo Edronkin

The True Survival Story Of First Lieutenant A.H. Braun (VII).

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"He then travelled to the Middle East and Africa, and fought against the German Afrika Korps. Then, he landed in Italy, where he made it all the way up to Monte Cassino and Rome. He fought the whole Second World War in the Mediterranean, alternating combat with art, and even survived a landmine that sent the jeep that he was driving flying out of some mountainous Italian road.

His friends were not so fortunate; none of the other occupants of that jeep survived, while he escaped physically unscathed.

An ammunitions and explosives expert, he was in charge of a convoy that carried supplies to the frontlines, mostly during nights, when the German artillery could not lock their sights on them easily on the protracted battlefields of central Italy. 

In such a quality, he witnessed and participated in battles and campaigns in places like Monte Cassino. We still have at home his 1943 jacket with his First Lieutenant stars, and the emblems and medals of such confrontations, and all the time we wrote a diary and produced his pictures.

He survived the war to be reunited with his family in 1945. My grandmother survived in Poland hiding from the Germans, and when Stalin finally implanted his regime there, she decided that it had been enough."

Monte Cassino. Drawing by A.H. Braun.
Anthony Hillary Braun - A drawing of Monte Cassino
Monastery, vith a view from Hill 593. Author's collection.

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