P. Edronkin

The True Survival Story Of First Lieutenant A.H. Braun (VI).

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"Lieut. Braun escaped on a summer dawn from a prison where there were no fences or walls, and scant patrols, for it was a thousand kilometres from the nearest human spot. Being summer he made his gamble instead of waiting to be executed, and so began walking and running for more than a year.

Nobody came after him, probably because the guards thought that he would not make it, but it seems that my Grandfather had a good plan and was physically fit, for he did not walk but run every day, eating flowers and berries on his way.

After reaching the first civilised spots some weeks after his initial escape, by hiding from everyone and anyone, and dealing in the black market, he began surviving by selling bread and paid his expenses while he began travelling westwards.

He was captured once by the soviet police because a Muslim mob nearly lynched him after they found him drawing in a cemetery, but a sympathetic commissar freed him after patronising him for being stupid enough as to make drawings and write a diary at the same time.

During his march, Germany attacked the Soviet Union and so, an amnesty protected him from further persecution, and eventually he reached Iraq, where he joined the Polish troops sponsored by the British Army."

Jerusalem, May 19, 1942. Watercolour by A.H. Braun.
Anthony Hillary Braun - A watercolour 
of Jerusalem in 1942. Author's collection.

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