P. Edronkin

The True Survival Story Of First Lieutenant A.H. Braun (II).

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"This comes from the very simple fact that if you are not brave, you will never be really able to defend your principles and stand up for your ideas, and although this might seem the stuff of inflated poetry, it is really a very practical and down-to-Earth issue.

Ideas are ideas, and principles are ideas. The point is not to have a different idea, but to have it and be able and willing to defend it when the time comes to do so. Simply put, without bravery, you are nothing, and no matter what you want to be, and you will always be what you are despite what others do upon you, if you have the stomach for fighting back.

I always made these questions to myself while thinking about the story of my Grandfather, Anthony Hillary Braun. His is a true story of survival and a metamorphosis from a normal, settled father into a seasoned fighter.

A professional architect and reserve officer of the Polish Army -just for having a college degree- already settled down in 1939, with two children and married to his aristocratic Jewish wife, my Grandfather never dreamed what was about to happen a few months after he returned from a trip to France where he spent his summer holidays."

Bhagdad, Oct 29, 1942, watercolour by A.H. Braun.
Anthony Hillary Braun - A watercolour of Bhagdad,
painted on Oct 29, 1942, Author's collection.

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