P. Edronkin

The True Survival Story Of First Lieutenant A.H. Braun (I).

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"What I am about to tell you is a true story that happened during WWII. It is a story like many others, of anonymous people who had to survive on their own, no matter what side they were in.

It is also part of the story of my family.

Is it possible to be something different to what we are? How is it then that some people change so much under strenuous circumstances? Or is it that when we confront new, harsh situations we really discover who we are?

I have asked myself these questions a lot of times, because being an explorer, from time to time i confront life-threatening situations, not on a daily basis, indeed, but quite regularly albeit not very frequently.

I have seen some people become heroes under such circumstances, and others who were believed to be different, or who expected themselves to behave in other ways, being exposed as cowards.

Cowardice and bravery are not the stuff of machismo versus feminism. It is, in my opinion, not a matter of ego, but of principles, because as Winston Churchill once expressed, Bravery is the cardinal virtue, for without it no other virtue makes real sense at all."

A.H. Braun in Palestina, 1942.
Anthony Hillary Braun
in Palestina, 1942.

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