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Paintball Games For Real Combat training (VI).

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"Bear in mind that regular paintball rules should be adapted for real combat training. Not all regulations make sense when your objective is to train soldiers or policemen. However, the mandatory new rules should be established in such a way as not to induce unrealistic behaviours among the participants.

Referees and evaluators are a must in such simulations. For practices including more than a dozen participants, it is recommended that the administrative staff includes:

1)-A chief referee, who will oversee the whole simulation. The simulated event should be designed to some extent: of course, the dynamics of the game will also give the whole process its own identity, but by defining previously a few factors, the training value of the whole effort will indeed be enhanced.

2)-Field or team referees: these will go along each team and evaluate their attitudes, tactics and losses as well. 

Referees should evaluate the simulation as closely to a real combat as it is possible, and if budgetary as well as other constraints allow for it, then repeat or reproduce the same simulated scenarios in order to perfect the training of all participants."

Note: for an overall discussion on simulation systems and their applicability to training, click here.

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