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Paintball Games For Real Combat training (V).

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"Fighting with all those things on your back can be cumbersome; yet, if you would likely face such a scenario, then you should train for it by going to your paintball games properly loaded.

On the other hand, the properties of bullet-proof vests and helmets should be considered too. Rules should state that splats found on their surface - if any participant uses such accessories - has a lesser impact on the "victim."

10)-Physical contact with your adversary: if you come to a situation in real combat where you are left face-to-face with your enemy and you don't have a gun, what would you do? Surely, surrender, run or attack with your fists, legs or whatever you find nearby.

This is usually not the case in paintball games, and for real combat training, you should also provide rules of engagement here.

11)-Weapon's ballistics: indeed, paintball guns behave differently from real ones. At short distances - up to 50 metres - you will notice little difference between them in practical terms. However, since the range of paintball guns and ammunition is more limited than the range usually found in the case of real gunpowder-based weapons, paintball does not simulate well combat situations at ranges longer than 100 metres or yards.

12)-Teamwork: this usually has to do with the fact that most paintball teams are prepared on the fly, while combat units are -on the other hand- tightly knit groups with long-term human relationships and interactions at work. Unless members practice together, paintball teams will rarely function as actual combat units.

Working always or very often with the same participants is more appropriate for real combat training."

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