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Paintball Games For Real Combat training (IV).

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"8)-Duration: real combat is either very brief or very long. All real fights are usually decided in a matter of seconds, or they take hours or even days until one side or the other finally prevails.

Particularly in the case of long battles, the strain of sleeplessness, lack of food, stress, etc. adds up and can turn into real fatigue.

Combat fatigue is considered one of the main causes for the loss of effectiveness of many combat units. Thus, by organising games that continue after 12 or 24 hours, you would be able to study your performance, as well as your gear's.

9)-Weight and equipment: have you ever tried to climb a tree while carrying a heavy rucksack? 

Looks easy, but it isn't. Yet, it is what you usually do under real-combat circumstances because you carry all your gear, ammunition and weapons with you. 

Forty kilograms are not infrequent when you webbing or backpack is filled with thousands of rounds, a few rockets, grenades, some rations and -perhaps- fresh clothes, a helmet, and so on."

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