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Paintball Games For Real Combat training (III).

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"This is precisely the opposite to what happens in regular paintball games, where participants take with them as much ammo as possible, use "improbable" loaders and magazines, and shoot on sight at anything that moves or breathes.

A correct simulation for actual combat should limit ammo quantity on each participant.

4)-Timing: real-life weapons cannot be reloaded by dropping ammunition inside their magazines in the same way as in the case of many paintball magazines.

Reloading during a firefight can be surprisingly difficult, and it takes time. Those seconds are, indeed, precious, and since they imply a temporary weakness that could be exploited by a keen adversary, you should include realistic reloading time and techniques in your training efforts.

5)-The burden of losses: you would not like to be left behind by your companions during actual combat, would you? You would not be left if wounded, and almost nobody leaves dead comrades behind.

Carrying anybody, no matter if dead or alive, is not easy. After all, bodies have a significant weight, and flying bullets pose a risk, so taking away somebody else from the field of battle is both a must as well as a great risk and inconvenience.

This does not happen in regular paintball games. You are hit, and then you go to drink a cup of coffee with other zombies like you. If you want to increase the veracity of your paintball activities, include a rule that states that wounded should be carried away, like in the real world, and you can even practice first-aid and medical field procedures.

6)-Objectives: real-life combat missions have clearly defined objectives. Make sure that your paintball battles include them too. For example, instead of just causing "losses" or capturing a red flag, try to "rescue hostages", locate "snipers", or really take a hill. Give the game a tactical environment to justify it.

7)-Sights and sound:

Real combat is not pleasant, and it is very confusing, especially at night. Aside from the inevitable blood that you see, flashes and thunders coming from all participant weapons can increase the degree of confusion to incredible levels.

By safely using firecrackers or blank shots, for example, you can provide some degree of confusion in paintball battles.

Another option is to use real gunpowder-based weapons in paintball simulations."

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