Don Pablo Edronkin

Comments on Simulation Systems (IV).

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"Some systems can be designed from the ground-up to be both simulators as well as real life applications. Such dual systems are not common due to the fact that it is not always possible to develop them, and because the importance given to simulation is fairly recent and not deeply ingrained in the minds of both engineers as well as users.

In some cases, adaptations might prove to be relatively easy, such as in the case of the truck. In others, however, it could become much harder.

Another key ingredient for effective simulation is to design simulators as open systems. MS Flight Simulator is a perfect example of an open system that does not depend just on one source for maintenance, upgrading and repair works. Such systems, albeit costlier if only due to the required documentation for third-party research and development, have proved to be highly successful.

Open systems hold a competitive advantage in this regard because by not being limited as to whom, when and how they are upgraded or modified, chances are that better ideas will come along sooner, and positive changes will be implemented more frequently.

To work as such, open systems must be scalable as well as modular."

Note: for a discussion on the application of paintball techniques for combat simulation, click here.

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