P. Edronkin

Comments on Simulation Systems (III).

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"Diminishing the interference of such vices or undesirable traits is a very important part of the simulation process and it is directly related to the simulator's efficiency. In other words, fidelity in the reproduction of a given environment is translated into quality training.

The main problem that simulator designers face is to reproduce faithfully any foreseeable situation regarding the piece of equipment or machinery that they intend to simulate.

The best approach to provide good simulators is to design them along their real life counterparts, or to use as many common components as possible in order to grant the best possible reproduction. For example, a truck-driving simulation may be built up around a real truck cabin, using a genuine steering wheel, genuine seats, etc. 

A combat flight simulator that uses a section of the fuselage and cockpit of the real aeroplane that is being simulated is invariably of more quality that the same piece of machinery provided with a simple box that pretends to act like a cockpit.

Designers should bear in mind that simulators are here to trick the minds of the trainees and give them the illusion of being in a real situation, and as any pilot will tell you, every aircraft is different and feels different. They actually feel the aircraft, its response, noises and even the way the transparent bubble or windows around them look like, how they distort the view from the outside, etc.

Thus, if you pretend to simulate such an environment with something that, for starters, does not look like the real thing, then, deep in their minds, their pilots will "know" that they are in a simulator instead of a real cockpit."

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