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I was surprised when I first came out of that aeroplane - I guess.

She was happy - perhaps.

They had since changed the colours of those aeroplanes, and put a little more grey here and there, you know.

It had been four long years since that I lost contact with her for no reason, with no explanation, warning or notice. This was the first time I saw her since then, in physical terms. It was an assurance that I had not dreamed what came before, or what took me there.

I wonder why grey. Why not blue or red?

Her eyes seemed to be lit on with that enthusiasm that only someone who knows someone knows, or so it seemed, and definitely, I seemed to know her.

Anyway, those things are far, far away now. We have green and brown aircraft here.

My eyes were looking at a thousand metres beyond hers, beyond the walls beyond her, and beyond the hill that was beyond the fjord beyond the airport, but I seemed to know her.

Green and brown.

It was a trip from the southern to the northern pole.

Green and brown. Not blue.

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