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What would you think about someone who lives a whole year at your own home as a guest, and then disappears without a trace?

What would you think if such a person does not even send you a postcard in 12 years?

Not much, indeed (if this is not the case, drop me a message!).

This kind of things happen to us all the time, and as actors we can be the victims, or the perpetrators.

It is necessary for anyone pretending to judge others, either professionally or not, to see within if he or she does not carry the same attitudes inside the soul. But the point of recognising our mistakes is not to live forever with guilt; the theological assertion of 'original sins' with which we are supposedly born is - frankly - pretty contradictory; Christianity has here a problem.

Being 'good' doesn't mean that we never commit mistakes, but that we are able to correct them. If we were born with sins that we could not correct, then we would never have a chance to become good and so, trying to improve as human beings would be pointless.

In other word, the belief in incurable sins that we may have goes against the points and goals of every notion of moral and ethics, including religious ones; thus, we should not consider it as valid, no matter where it is written.

Now, this should not be taken as a license to do anything; we are good if we repair what we damage, and this means, repair the specific situation that we have created.

Making a mess somewhere and then - after beginning to feel guilty - going to some forgotten spot on Earth to do charity work changes nothing because those who suffered the initial consequences of our errors would remain suffering them. There is no amount of charity work that may relief us from our responsibilities.

Helping the poor or helping yourself?
No wonder that helping the poor seldom works: many times, helpers
need more help than these people.

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