Don Pablo Edronkin

Trekking Tips: Good Listeners Waste No Time.

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"The key for good coexistence within any group is to learn how to listen to others.

Those who think that they are never wrong and the rest of the world is at fault are really the worst possible companions or partners.

Groups and societies exist for the sake of capitalising on big numbers to attain higher and better results but the nature of this scheme implies that in order to win, we have to invest on something and accept to loose some 'privileges.'

If we become unable to listen to others, and make them perceive that we will give nothing in exchange for what we want or demand from them, they will end giving away nothing to us because no fool is a fool forever.

If we are right, then we can explain our points of view to those at fault with no risk whatsoever, but if they are right and we can listen, then it is us who will become the fortunate ones, because we will learn something new."

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