Don Pablo Edronkin

Adventure Tips: A Method To Avoid Punctures In Your Bicycle's Wheels.

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"This might seem odd to a number of people, but it is a recipe that works to avoid flat tires.

During 1989, I went on a bicycle ride from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego (4,500 km.). One of the main problems encountered on that trip was that small seeds, pieces of broken glass and other small stuff like seeds, nails, etc. caused too many punctures every day.

Therefore, in order to avoid this I tried, and succeeded, in protecting the tire's interior by purchasing some metres of rubber hose, cutting it to the adequate length.

The I inserted those chunks of ripped rubber hose inside each tire and glued them..

This reduced the number of unwarranted punctures from five each day to just one, on average."

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