Don Pablo Edronkin

Trekking Tips: How To Make Sure that A Campfire Has Been Extinguished Completely.

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"In order to put off a campfire, you should use abundant water. First of all, you should throw the liquid over the flames, and then, start mixing the liquid with the combustible material using a stick or similar object.

Take care to mix every singe bit of coal, wood or anything flammable with the water, so as to impede the propagation of any kind of flames, no matter how small.

You should only consider that a fire has been completely set off when no more smoke or vapour comes out of the place. Flammable items could reignite later.

If you don't have water at hand, or if it is scarce, then use urine or dust as described above.

Once the fire has been put off, cover the place with dirt and stones in order to prevent the wind from blowing away bits of combustible or flammable materials. Care for the environment!"

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