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Trekking Tips: Honey Versus Marmalade.

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Honey is better than any marmalade as food for an expedition or trek because you can use it in much more ways; you can even supplant sugar with it, for example.

The best-quality honey is that one which forms crystals; the rule of thumb is that the more fluid the honey is, the lower is its quality.

Some really good honey can be obtained both in Mexico and Argentina; while I don't pretend to give lessons in apiculture, my father - who had a small company that produced honey - always said that there are many factors involved in this issue.

Indeed, honey taste varies according to the local vegetation found near bees' nests and colonies, but some countries tend to produce better honey than others.

According to some rumours, since honey varieties from Argentina and Mexico are considered to be the best ones, but agricultural subsides to U.S. and European producers have been put in place to keep the Latin American honey off from those markets, importers tend to mix with U.S. or European honey little quantities of the product that comes from Latin America in order to give it some taste of the better varieties.

Besides, more viscous or even solid honey is better to carry: with 'sugar-like' honey you will avoid spills and sticky gear and clothing inside your backpack.

Argentine honey and Royal Jelly in particular can be very expensive; however, you will certainly notice the difference if you take a jar on your next trip.

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Baked bread and honey
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