Don Pablo Edronkin

Trekking Tips: Dealing With Blisters.

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"Skin blisters are a common malady of trekkers, campers and mountaineers.

These are not dangerous by themselves, except when infected, but there is a normal tendency in everyone to try to open and drain them as soon as they appear, and that is exactly what could cause an infection.

Blisters in the wilderness should not be drained or opened until you reach the place where you will spend the night.

The reason for this is that the night will allow your blisters to drain and dry, and the disinfectants or antibiotics that you might use on them will have also a reasonable time span to act.

Besides, once dried, the deeper skin exposed opened by blisters becomes less sensitive and thus will cause less pain after you star walking. First aid issues and personal higyene shoud matter in your trips."

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