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Trekking Tips: Beware Of These Ones!

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"If you know something who is saying that a given activity, hobby, lover or whatever is “his (or her) life” then don’t trust that one, because such a person is unstable and is filling his (or her) time and mind just with one thing.

The day that such a person find something more interesting, then he or she will let you down 100%.

If such a person is your lover, your friend, your trekking companion or colleague, then be aware of this notion and try to bring a change into such a mind.

If it is you, then do the same, for there is nothing absolute in this world, and since pretending to construct a life around one singe idea is absurd, it will be you who would let down others, sooner or later

Pretending to end a discussion, observation or critique on one’s self attitudes, problems or tastes with a single “It’s my life” is a rather poor way of showing indirectly that you do no to have solid ideas to support your deeds.

Therefore, if you don’t have good ideas, you resort to cliques and made phrases.

If you have good fundaments ad ideas behind your position. If you know what you want and what you are doing, then you will always find it easy to express your ideas in a constructive way that others would understand. What matters is your mind."

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