Don Pablo Edronkin

Trekking Tips: Why Should We Love Nature?

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"We cannot really love nature just by saying so. We must improve upon our mistakes and deeds every day.

It is quite enticing to see that in recent years, extreme sports and all kinds of activities related to adventure travel have been progressing in popularity, and quite likely, they will one day reach the schools and be practised like other sports and gym.

Indeed, there will be some limitations in order to avoid exposing children and teenagers to certain hazards, but considering the kind of physical conditioning and team work that could be achieved throrough the development of activities such as kayaking and adventure racing, their educational value should not be underestimated.

On the other hand, by increasing somewhat the number of hours dedicated to sports and athletics at schools, even the government will save money in the long run by preventing a number of medical problems that arise with age and deplete the resources of social security systems.

Perfected and improved lifestyles, healthy diets and a more collaborative social spirit will indeed decrease the costs of medicine by putting emphasis in prevention rather tan curation.

The ever-increasing costs of modern medicine require this, because currently active tax-payers are being deceived into thinking that the money that governments have for social purposes and retirees will be enough for when they also retire, but numbers are indicating that such will not be the case.

And if we add an imprved education in terms of environmentalism, ecological initiatives and participation in the problems of the world, we will be really preparing future citizens, instead of people who at the present rate, will be left with a bankrupted, violent and contaminated world.

Being an ecologist, mountaineer, or whatever is not an implicit guarantee of becoming what we would like to become; these are only means.

The goal is to be become better persons every day."

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