Don Pablo Edronkin

Nanotyrannus Tips: Cannibalisation.

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"If there is no other choice, two or more unserviceable Nanotyrannus could be easily cannibalised by taking serviceable components from each one of them and reconstituting a new weapon.

If this is done with original components from the Nanotyrannus System, then, the result of such combinations would be as good and as safe as any other weapon of this series.

Provided that the users under such circumstances use original components, they can also develop their own variants or versions suitable to their specific needs.

Although we have never attempted to do so, it would be possible, for example, to attach three or four grenade launchers to a Nanotyrannus 7.2, and it would become a fully functional composite weapon in just a matter of minutes.

We never saw any need to assemble such a thing, but some user might."

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