Don Pablo Edronkin

Nanotyrannus Tips: Sometimes, The Best Kind Of Concealment Is Openness.

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"If there is one lesson that the Nanotyrannus project has shown to its designers it is that sometimes, concealment lies in openness.

In several occasions we took various Nanotyrannus units to the middle of the city, and nobody seemed to realise what we had in our hands, openly and at noon.

Last week, we took three units of version 7.4, five PUP pistols and two Nanotyrannus 8.4, which is a rather large weapon with its distinct rocket - launcher silhouette, plus ammunition and a dozen rocket - propelled grenades.

We took a bus to the outskirts of the city, spent the night testing the weapons on a farm's ground, and then went back, on the same bus.

It seems that nobody could associate the silhouette of the Nanotyrannus with the function of a gun or rifle, thus it becomes evident that breaking the form of an object is the most important step in order to hide it."

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