Don Pablo Edronkin

Nanotyrannus Tips: Booting-Up The Weapon's Processor.

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"A Nanotyrannus has to boot-up in order to ready it to fire. This process takes approximately three seconds and it is done once, when you turn its energy one.

After that is achieved, you may fire at will with no delays.

The process of booting up the weapon's processor is as follows:

1)- Disconnect the main DB9 firing cord as well as any other controlling another Nanotyrannus remotely.

2)- Connect your main and/or backup battery.

3)- Set the weapon in reset mode by using the selector switch. This boots up the processor. Then, move the selector to the third position, which leaves the weapon enabled to fire.

4)- Connect your DB9 conductor.

Remember that the weapon allows you to choose between semiautomatic and full-automatic fire and for security reasons, it has a gripping safety built in that allows its processor to start firing only if you press both the safety and the trigger.

Selection between firing modes is achieved by actin differently on the trigger itself:

1)- Pressing it lightly and shortly will order the processor to fire in semiautomatic mode.

2)- Leaving the trigger pressed after a second starts the full-auto routine and the weapon shots a burst, instead of a single shot."

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