Don Pablo Edronkin

Combat Survival Tips: Chemical Weapons. An Overview.

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"The five types of chemical weapons:

1)- Incapacitants: generally, these induce sleep or cause hallucinations.

2)- Blistering: such as mustard gas, used in WWI. They cause burns in the skin and exposed tissues.

3)- Nervous gases: such as Tabun, Sarin and Soman. They cause death by a collapse of the nervous system.

4)- Choking agents: chlorine, phosgen and such, cause asphyxia and severe swelling.

5)- Blood poisons, such as cyanide gas. These contaminate blood and cause hearth spasms.

In all cases, protection from these substances must be stressed, because once the substance has entered in contact with the body, there might not be a cure or antidote for it."

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