Don Pablo Edronkin

Combat Survival Tips: On Evasion And Escape.

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"Follow these rules:

1)-Large groups are easily detected.

2)-Using your uniform constrains you to international conventions, but legally protects you as well.

3)-Pretending to pass for a local without knowing the language and customs will usually betray you.

4)-If you landed by parachute, you should assume that you have been spotted.
5)-Observe the norms of camouflage, discretion and concealment at all times.

6)-Take your time to travel.

7)-Avoid populated areas.

8)-Do not make marks on maps or take notes. You could be treated as a spy
On infiltration or exfiltration, always remember that your adversary will be looking for you, even with night vision devices.

You will always have to compromise between finding the easiest route and that one in which is less likely that you will run into a checkpoint.

Always remember to study the route before you depart, to avoid populated areas and roads, and never to cross bridges or tunnels, for these are prime places for placing checkpoints."

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