Don Pablo Edronkin

Some Advice From An Explorer: About Trekking Memories.

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"One really nice thing to do is to record your trips.

Camcorders are fine for taping video; however, you will not be able to record everything and there are situations that do not make allowances for than.

A small tape recorder becomes handy and nice for situations such as late-evening conversations in the wilderness, when and where a camcorder would not be quite practical.

Nevertheless, hearing your voice and the sounds of the fire months or years later will always be nice, and it will not cost you much. If you can record videos, by all means, do it, but use them sparingly in order to avoid running out of batteries, tapes, etc."

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Leaving a cabin in Patagonia
Explorers preparing to leave a geodesic cabin somewhere in Patagonia.

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