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Some Advice From An Explorer: About Combat Cross Training.

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Cross-training at platoon level is essential to develop an effective force that will operate under all kinds of circumstances.

The same applies to almost all kind of outdoor activities involving teams; it is indeed difficult to find specialists for all kinds of activities, but it is wise to at least form groups where one member in addition to each specialist knows a little bit about each ability or speciality.

It is also important to provide those persons with the conditions necessary to supplant each specialist if the need arises.

For example, if a group of four people travel using a small aircraft like a Cessna C-172, the pilot will indeed sit at the front.

These small aircraft usually have duplicated commands; that is, while the pilot usually sits at the front left seat, a person sitting at the front right seat can also take command of the plane.

In the event that the pilot no longer is in condition to fly, or if he or she just needs some rest, the person sitting to the right may fly and even land the aircraft, provided that it is the right person.

You cannot switch seats easily during a flight in these small planes; so, another pilot sitting at the back could be of little help. In other words, those who sit at the front should be the most knowledgeable among the occupants about aviation.

Common sense will tell you how to organise your team or group on each occasion. Preparedness is a basic rule for survival.

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Landing at El Bolsón airport
Shortly before landing in an aircraft where the passenger sitting on
the front right seat also has knowledge about flying aircraft and
those on the back - including the photographer, are those with no
experience piloting planes; attention to details can make a big
difference between success and failure, survival or death.

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