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Some Advice From An Explorer: About Your Provisions.

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Always take with you more provisions than those that you will really need.

It is particularly common that travellers do not carry some specific gear - especially for survival situations - when they don't expect to get in trouble. This happens - for example - to pilots and passengers of small aircraft flying in inhospitable regions.

When you fly in such an aircraft, which is similar to a car in many respects, it is easy to assume that nothing will happen and that you will fly from point A to point B with no trouble at all.

Even if you are flying thorough mountains and unless the weather is bad, you fly with a door open or is really cold, like during the winter, it is quite comfortable in the cockpit. You can watch summer snow fields down in the mountains while you steer your plane on short sleeves. This is, however, a mistake.

As unlikely as it might seem, if your engine(s) stop or you have to ditch or perform an emergency landing somewhere in such a region, you will find yourself in deep trouble if you don't carry with you appropriate survival gear, and the same goes for any other region.

A small survival kit does not occupy much place and does not weight much; some good clothing, basic indeed, or a sleeping bag destined to be used by sleepy passengers can also be very helpful.

Do this just in case. The basic rule for survival is preparedness."

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Flying over the Andes
Just imagine ditching down there in the lake;
this picture was taken fifteen minutes
away from the destination airport.

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