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Some Advice From An Explorer: save your ammunition.

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If you are an officer, train your soldiers so that they don't spend too much ammunition during combat.

An increase in firepower or firing rates is not necessarily more effective than precision shooting, but certainly has a deep logistical impact. Ammunition must be saved to reduce logistical troubles in the long run.

If you carry a survival weapon, think of every bullet as your last one. Use them sparingly and only when you absolutely need to.

I personally do not like hunting, but if you have to in order to get some food, then be cautious about the way in which you get your game. Don't just go after your prey, don't start shooting just to get lucky. Pull the trigger only when you are sure that you will get your prey with the first shot.

Under survival circumstances, the best way to hunt - by far - is using the ambush technique; if you attempt to go after your prey, consider that animals will almost certainly outrun you unless you are a seasoned hunter.

If you try to do so you will spend a lot of energy, and if food is scarce that may become a serious problem sooner than you think; however, by staying put in an ambush, waiting for prey to come, you will save both your energy and ammo.

Putting up an ambush requires talent and practice but essentially, you should look for places where your prey will pass; animal trails and water sources could be good places to begin with.

You should make sure that you don't make suspicious noises or leave things that animals may recognise as different or changed; smell is also very important in this regard. Hunt with winds against you, and not coming from your back.

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