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Some Advice From An Explorer: The Laws Abroad.

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"When you travel abroad, to a different country, it is necessary to remember that you will be under the jurisdiction of the local laws and not those from your country of origin.

It is surprising that many travellers believe that being them foreigners, the local legislation is inapplicable to them.

However, when you visit another land, you do so as a visitor, much like a guest in a different house, and has homes have different ways, so do countries.

A guest cannot judge or pretend to change the rules of the house. Much less, the rules of a country.

If you visit another land, like it or not, you will be under the jurisdiction of their legal system and not your as long as you stay within their borders, and if you break their law, your consul and even your government, would not do much to defend you.

So, respect the laws of the countries that you are visiting."

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