Don Pablo Edronkin

Some Advice From An Explorer: The Most Basic Care For Wounds In Tropical Regions.

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"Small bites, punctures and all kinds of wounds tend to get infected really quickly in humid and tropical regions.

Thus, all wounds, no matter how small they are, should be quickly cleaned and disinfected using your first-aid equipment."

Insects and really small predators and parasites can cause more damage than large animals because they can act without you noticing it.

Check your skin periodically for marks of parasite or blood sucking attacks and clean all wounds. Each day, after walking or working, do the same.

In Africa, be especially attentious to the fact that water may be contaminated with all kinds of microorganisms; boil and purify it before any use.

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Leaving a cabin in Patagonia
Explorers preparing to leave a geodesic cabin somewhere in Patagonia.

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