Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Essay On What We Say.

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"People always mean what they say. If they insult you, they mean it. If they smile at you, they mean it.

Communication is not limited just to word, but gestures, intentions and even consequences of things said in the past shape the subjective value of our words today.

A government that lies or mistakenly says or promises something does not enjoy the same level of trust that governments and politicians who fulfil their promises have, and the same happens with people.

Those who have abilities to manipulate words may enjoy more span for their lies and mistakes but eventually they start suffering the consequences as well.

If we don't stick to the original meaning of our words it is likely that we will find increasing difficulties to communicate, and lack of communication brings mistrust, irresponsibility an all kinds of problems.

Just look at what happens with many environmental issues; corporations and governments often negate that such problems exist. The rejection of the Kyoto Protocol is a good example.

Nevertheless, global warming, toxic wastes, climate changes and such things appear; lying or negating only gives some more time to those who don't want to accept responsibilities, but they end being accountable anyway, sooner or later, because reality cannot remain hidden forever.

So communication is important, and sticking to our ideas conveyed thorough messages is important too; it may seem easier to change our thoughts with the wind, but that would only bring temporary relief.

Bad communication has a cost, and the undervaluation of others too. Take them seriously, for they will learn to take you seriously and in the process, they will learn to take seriously what they say and what they mean.

Henceforth, they will eventually take themselves more seriously.

So, by taking seriously what you hear, you can seed responsibility among a lot of people. Simple logic"

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