Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Essay On Consequences.

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Attempting to escape might be a sign of liberation, survival instinct or of cowardice; it depends on how you look at the matter but probably the problem lies in the word itself. Understanding what is to evade or escape is a communicational problem since the same word can be used with different meanings. We have essentially good escapes, and bad ones.

All escapes have their consequences; you can't escape them, and some are good and others are bad. Countries acquiring independence often remain at odds for decades with their motherlands because indeed, nobody likes to lose territory. Convicts escaping from prison usually have a hard time hiding and rebuilding a new life unless they escape to another country with no extradition treatises.

Evading daily responsibilities also have consequences; ignoring the environment, public health, the education of children and acting like jingoistic paranoids are no free rides. Consequences will arise, sooner or later.

But only the really stupid could believe that they will get away with it, no matter what 'it' might be.

In our world of 'free enterprise' and 'global markets' it seems that we are forgetting about the first words, leaving us just with enterprises and markets, and while these things may be good within an adequate context, seeing our whole world from a perspective tainted by money and just money can only be bad.

First of all, there is education; it seems that as children, our rulers of today - and most of ourselves as a society - didn't learn enough of our world's history. They (and we) do not seem to understand that by cutting education money in order to allegedly streamline budgetary issues, or to promote business or amuse stock markets we would only make this situation worse.

They don't know that the world has already seen crusades, middle ages and holy wars; they solved nothing, and so will not this war on terrorism because of two or three simple issues: first, you can destroy buildings, but you can't destroy ideas.

Second, if you want to change other people's minds, you have to offer something attractive for them, and frankly, Muslims don't seem very amused by what western countries and especially the United States have to offer; and third, you can't pretend to wage a world-wide fight by alienating your won allies.

So this is why education is important, even among war-mongers: it helps you win and make the consequences of your fight good ones, and not the disaster that is becoming all too apparent in places like Afghanistan and Iraq because let's face it: if a war is won and is over, is over and no further combat takes place.

Nobody who is still fighting is defeated and thus, neither the Taliban, nor Al-Qaida, nor Mr. Saddam Hussein have been defeated and their setbacks may well be just temporary; and you cannot reasonably expect help from the rest of the world to fight these individuals if you keep treating everyone as your potential enemies, if you keep alienating tourists and airports, and changing reality as you speak.

Anyone might say that pestering travellers is a way to protect any country's security: it is not, especially when drugs and narcotics are consumed daily. Have you noticed a decrease in the consumption of illegal substances? If not, then they do get in, somehow, and it is not thorough airports.

So instead of molesting foreign people and treating them rudely, countries like the United States would do much better by cutting drug consumption that could potentially breed terrorism in two ways: first, the money, and second, the myriad of ways that narco-dealers could provide to infiltrate any border.

Moreover: based on the lack of effectiveness of drug-control, one can easily predict that all this supposedly infallible system that costs so much money will fail. After all, is less dangerous and less complicated (or should be) to control drug traffic that to pinpoint terrorist with weapons of mass destruction, even if you just count the numbers of each one of them as the reason.

So get real; the fight against terror is in no better shape that the fight against drugs, only that it is costing much more money, and cash is running out.

The only way to change this is to acquire a new perspective, and education is the only way to do so. More education is needed in order to gain wisdom and historical knowledge; it is also needed to be more brave in the real sense, show some introspection and change the underlying causes of the resentment that eventually produces terrorists.

The fight against terror does not begin by training soldiers to drop huge bombs somewhere over a sandy desert; it begins by educating future, responsible citizens who will be able to vote based on more knowledge about the world, who may also understand that people are not created equal around the world and have different aspirations, hopes and ideas.

It will serve to educate people who will understand that the underlying cause of most problems appears when somebody begins to think that it is okay to try to teach others how to live, at the same time that they don't live according to the expectations that they ostensibly say that they have for themselves.

And it will also serve to teach people that one's national interest lie only within the national borders; anything outside belongs to other people, and pretending otherwise is just greed under disguise.

Since dishonesty can only breed more dishonesty, sooner or later, individuals like Mr. Ben Laden appear; this is why terrorist appear and recruit people.

You will not win over terrorists by remaining at odds with foreigners; you will not win the war if you don't make friends abroad.

Face it: nations need the rest of the world; the world does not need nations. Empires come and go thorough history, and those outside empires could not care less if those imperial structures fall. Only those who benefit care, so imperial citizens oddly need more of their foreign subjects or associates than those foreigners need of that empire.

In fact, they might also breath better if the empire is somewhat weakened if they feel that such an empire poses a potential threat to themselves, and they are generally more. Demography never favours for long any powerful nation.

The only way to change that is to relate better to others, and you can't do that by cutting education funds or attempting to deal with educational issues as if they were just parts of another business.

An educational system is not and should not be treated like a business corporation, for if you do so, you risk your own destruction.

Consequences are the only thing that we cannot escape from because Nature is just a game of cause and effect. Ultimately, all things always find the way to be what they really are.

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