Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Petty Butchers.

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"I think that there is little better than being a "petty butcher." That is somebody who acts with cruelty within a controlled environment, like the standard-issue corporate workplace.

You know, they are those who "would do anything" to get that coveted promotion; those secretaries that would get laid with their bosses in order to climb the corporate ladder, and those yuppies that believe that their are kind of aggressive and dynamic just because they just fired somebody or yelled at others in the morning.

I wonder what would this lot say in front of a madman with an axe...

Yes, the madman would be a real butcher, and these corporate petty butchers would defecate on their pants, or skirts ("I am an equal-opportunity philosopher."), hiding under the same desks from where they were inflating their egos moments before.

I am sorry, but under such circumstances I would say that they are true cowards.

Cruelty is not a quality to boast about. Petty cruelty is even worse, for it tells the world than whoever brags about it is both a cruel and evil person as well as a coward, because he or she does not have enough insanity or guts to grab themselves an axe.

So, these are little people making petty claims of having some kind of a hunting instinct. These are pond sharks; basement predators, and I hope that after reading this, you make all available efforts in order to change, if you are one of them.

I respect madmen more than these.

By the way, I have been once in front of a madman with an axe. He was a former policeman, discharged from the force for mental instability. Someone thought that giving a gun to this man was not a particularly good idea.

So, he became upset, and after beating the hell out of a paramedic, he went into an MD's practice with something like 25 patients waiting, and started yelling that his mother was ill and needed care, yielding his (hopefully) unused weapon in his hands.

I was called upon the scene and soon found out that talking to this person was, in fact, useless, so I grabbed my shotgun and restored his sanity in an instant."

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