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Some Advice From An Explorer: don't follow shortcuts if you want to suceed.

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"It is rather odd that we always look for shortcuts in our way to success in a number of activities. Yet, it seems to me from some long-term projects in which I took part, that success has a lot to do with the process of reaching a point rather than with the point itself.

If for example, you could be given as a present a doctoral degree in science, you would not call yoursel successful, even if your degree would be genuine.

So, climbing mountains cannot be done by riding on a helicopter, like some people are suggesting from time to time.

On the other hand, if you never get to the top of the mountain, you would never be held as successful, and there is little merit on working hard for nothing.

That is the true misery of slavery and routine, and I guess, the reason as to why so many "successful" people are really unhappy.

Success is as much a measure of our capability to reach our goals, as well as the worthiness of our efforts related to our quest."

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