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The Advice Of An Explorer: animals are not dangerous.

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Wild animals usually pose no danger to humans. There are of course, exceptions, but in most cases, they are either too prudent or afraid in order to attack. Only when they smell food or are in heat they will be keener to come closer to your camp, and a fire will usually keep them out.

Take for example the case of spiders: these animals are impressive and they are associated even with our cultural imagery of death. The black widow and the tarantula are seen as deadly yet, they hardly attack any human being; they are more afraid of us that we are of them, and even with those carrying the most powerful venom - like the African violin spider - hide because they are extremely vulnerable; you can crush them all with a boot.

So, what is so scary about them? Probably their shape, the ignorance about what they can do and what they can't, perhaps the idea of ruthless stalking associated with their spider webs, and so on. The are scary because they have become a symbol of death and monstrosity, but if they are a symbol of anything, it is of our panic based on ignorance.

In some cases, having a gun at hand could be advisable, but don't believe in movies or popular beliefs: use your common sense while out there in the wilderness.

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