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The Advice Of An Explorer: make room for trouble on your trips.

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Never base your judgement on the most optimistic outcome.

This does not entail the fact that you should become a totally pessimistic person, but in trekking matters and in the wilderness, things seldom happen by the numbers.

You know, somebody gets lost, your backpack fails and that impossible storm that you feared most always comes.

Motorbikes are excellent vehicles for all-terrain, outdoor activities; while a lot of motorbike owners use their own machines just to roam within urban areas, these vehicles have been invented and designed for a somewhat more rugged use in a wild environment. And as it happens with all machines, bikes tend to break down, sooner or later.

Any machine is exposed to failure, no matter how well it was designed. That may be inconvenient, but if you are more than twenty kilometres away from any town or person, a malfunction may become more that an inconvenient: you may suddenly find yourself in an emergency or survival situation.

Being motorbikes excellent adventure vehicles, it is necessary to apply in their case similar criteria as in the case of all terrain four-wheel traction trucks, boats and aircraft: be prepared for the worst case scenario always. Nobody wants that, of course, but you may be left stranded with a useless morotbike in the most isolated place on the planet, and there are indeed sports on Earth where the next human being is hundreds of kilometres away.

If you add to that the dehydration that you will suffer by staying there or if you begin walking to look for hep, plus the climate which may be extremely hot or cold, you may be left with an impossible task, and you may die because of a single faulty spark plug.

Thus, any motorbike owner who ventures into the wilderness, off road environment, or crosses long distances over desert areas of any kind should learn something about the vehicle in question and its mechanical issues. This is not a luxury, but a form of life insurance.

Planning an itinerary should always include such eventualities. Make room for problems and you will face a lot less of them.

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